The Frome Street Bikeway lives, but not as we know it


Councillors have voted to alter the Frome Street Bikeway – despite an independent report recommending no changes be made to the current arrangement. 

The Frome Street Bikeway has led to an increase in cycling and reduced traffic congestion, according to the recent independent report published by Adelaide City Council. However, Tuesday’s Economic and Community Development Committee meeting voted to develop options and costings to return the street to four lanes of traffic during peak times, allowing parking in off-peak times. This is despite an expert consultant report (and the Council administration) recommending no change to the current arrangement. The Committee’s proposal will be put to a full Council meeting next Tuesday.

While the separated bike lanes will remain, the proposed changes that Council is seeking will destroy the general amenity and high quality aesthetic of this infrastructure. As Bike SA has argued to Council previously, the evidence is clear: That high quality separated bicycle infrastructure like the current design delivers economic prosperity to the community.

Summary Infographic[1]

In large part, this is because road space along such corridors becomes a ‘destination’ as opposed to ‘somewhere everyone drives through’. Shoppers who walk and cycle have been shown to shop more frequently and while they spend less per shopping trip, overall their yield is higher than shoppers who drive – up to a 24% increase in sales per month in some US cities. Bike SA has yet to meet a trader who would prefer lower rates of interaction with their customers. Even Sydney continues to see residential housing prices on separated bikeways sitting above the local medium price. While this decision is disappointing, Bike SA will continue to work with individual councillors over the next month while the administration builds its costings on the redesign work.

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Meanwhile in the Norwood area, additional bikes lanes will be installed along Portrush Road next month –

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Sorry to hear that council may bow to some ill informed but vocal opinion rather than using the objective findings of an independent study


Hopefully it does get changed. it’s ridiculous in its current configuration. No one benefits. I ride to work along with others and none of us use it. It’s stupid

James Sadler
June 25, 2015 8:41 am


… the council is INVESTIGATING the possibility that it MAY remove the concrete, it is all PROPOSED!!!!

please remove me from your subscription list


this calls for petition of some sort to not only keep the bikeway but also extend it !


A new Mayor, a new agenda. It’s a shame.


The bottom line is that the Adelaide City Council wants only cars in the City from which they collect many millions of dollars a year in parking fees and fines.
A blatant conflict of interests.


Council needs to listen to the independent report. The people didn’t vote in this new mayor. I am sick of this council making Adelaide a car focused city. Adelaide could be a leader in being a ‘cycling city’. This council is turning it into a laggard. We need to say no thanks and say it loudly. They’ve messed up hindley and now they threaten to do the same to frome. It’s not a shame. It’s a crime.

anthony vogt
June 25, 2015 10:41 pm

well its about time. the frome street bike way is an absolute joke. i commute every day in and out of the city and i go out of my way to avoid this so called “bike lane” it is dangerous as cyclists are all over the bike lane, yet alone the cars trying to make a left hand turn from in theory 2 lanes across. The bike lane would have been a great idea, but it was put in the wrong lane. instead of taking a lane of traffic, and upsetting motorists, part of the footpath should have been taken and have a dual purpose bike way with pedestrians. this bike lane is so dangerous that i feel safer riding in traffic

Philippa Dominish
June 25, 2015 10:59 pm

The council should be looking at ways to reduce traffic in the CBD.
Why can’t they see that it would be so good for everyone to have a whole city transport infrastructure encouraging and supporting this?

peter davis
June 26, 2015 5:44 am

The bikeway should be extended North and South , East and West .


I am appalled! I thought we were finally moving with the times, becoming an inclusive, modern, green city! One step forward and three steps back – again !


I can’t believe this, not only is it a huge step backwards in the process to make the city less congested with cars the economics of this silly decision is astounding. Spend thousands of dollars putting the bike lane and then thousands to take it out, madness.

Mat Kudinoff
June 29, 2015 6:18 am

I don’t like using it in the morning anyway, I have had too many people cut me off turning left or doing U turns after dropping off children at CBC. Cars still don’t give you right of way when turning right. I’d rather cut through the side streets the other side of King William Street.


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