Over 3,000 South Australian cyclists fined

South Australian cyclists received 3,515 fines in the last 6 months.

A recent article from InDaily found that 240,000 South Australian’s were fined by SAPOL in the last 6 months. 3,538 of those fines were given to cyclists, which is only 1.6% of SA’s cycling population, so most of us have been doing the right thing.

Of those cyclists who did receive a fine for breaking the law, the top reason by far was for failing to wear a helmet.

As well as the offences outlined above there were some unusual ones delivered to a small number of people.

  • 9 people were found “leading an animal while riding a bicycle
  • 7 were fined for “carry more persons on a bicycle than the bicycle is designed to carry”
  • 4 for “fail to ride bicycle on the seat”
  • 2 for “fail to keep left of footpath when riding a bicycle
  • 1 “fail to keep out of path of bicycle while rollerblading!”

On the other side of the fence, 105 motorists received fines for putting cyclists in danger:

  • 73 driving in a bike lane
  • 16 driving too close to a cyclist (less than 1 metre)
  • 16 causing a hazard by opening a vehicle door

You can delve more deeply into the figures by looking at the original article available at InDaily.

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Where did you get the 1.6% of SA cycling population from? Its obvious that SAPoL aren’t doing there job as no roadies have a warning device on there bike, so 52 being prosecuted is crap. What percentage do the fined drivers make up of the driving population? You should get out there and observe the illegal move cyclists use on our roads daily, I would suggest a far greater number than road users in automobiles. I am a bike rider myself and I think your report is not factual, do your job and don’t push this crap at people to make bike riders look good, because they aren’t. If they use the road their bike should be registered and display a licence plate to identify themselves.


what a cockhead

SE Sth Aus Cyclist
February 3, 2017 5:55 am

To the Unreal Stev Foreman, So I guess a number plate would look pretty good on the back of your high horse tricycle.


Having written all that, I’m of the thought that you indeed do not ride.


Try saying something factual yourself! Saying you are a bike rider doesn’t excuse your distorted representation of the facts. Try riding every day (or ride at least occasionally!) then you may get some idea of the problem.


Steve, I have a road race bike and it does have a warning device. When I last looked in a bike shop I noticed every bike on display had a bell on the bar. Next thing you know you will be saying all parents with prams and walkers will need to register as well. Get real!


Stev – great generalisation – I ride a roadie, and have a bell – small and not as loud as me yelling. I have noticed numerous others with the same.

The Real Stev Foreman
February 3, 2017 4:19 am

Just quietly, I reckon Stev dinnae how to spell his own name.


What % of motorcyclists were fined for riding in the bike lane?


Take out the first BS one and the whole thing is a bit trivial.


so in summary Bicycles SA have failed to advocate well for what is good cycling practice in 99% of the world where cycling is safer. who’s not doing the right thing here?


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