Melbourne to get ‘floating’ super cycle highway

Melbourne looks like it’s getting ready to invest in its first “super cycle highway” with a 2.5 kilometre elevated path proposed to connect commuters from the inner-west to the city. 

Adelaide watch out… it would appear Melbourne is vying  to be something of a cycling mecca with a rather impressive plan to build an elevated path for those commuting by bike.

The bikeway will take people from the western suburb of Footscray into the heart of the city in the Docklands and will form one section of 14 kilometres of proposed new cycling infrastructure in the city’s west.

You can read all about it in this ABC Article.

While it seems pretty novel in Australia, floating cycling infrastructure isn’t anything new and the Dutch are well known to have taken it to the next level with their amazing floating roundabout known as the “Hovenring”.

As we’ve previously reported, cycle superhighways are becoming quite a thing in Europe, with several popping up in places like Germany.

However, the recent announcement in Melbourne is perhaps a sign that Australia is starting to see cycling infrastructure as a serious way to move people.

South Australia spends less than 1% of its transport budget on cycling, but $12 million in funding earmarked for the completion of Frome Street is a sign that change is afoot.

Does anyone have any crazy ideas? Where would you like to see some elevated cycling infrastructure in South Australia?

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I know we have many cycling tracks to and from the city in all directions but you have to cross many intersections or ride on main roads to connect to these cycle pathways. I think it would be great to have some sort of super cycling highway connection between South and North of the city. It would then allow cyclist to stay off the road and feel safer. Motorists would also appreciate this scenario. It may also alleviate traffic on the roads especially in peak hour as more people may cycle to and from work on this cycle highway.


My previous comment should also mention I live in Adelaide

Russell Green
April 21, 2017 6:34 am

We can’t even get the cycle bridge over South Road (with the tram bridge) fixed.
Perhaps the profits from the TDU should be put into cycling infrastructure in SA


You guys are very lucky to have this coming to your city. Cyclists in our major cities get a bum deal sadly


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