Gear Up Girl 2017 – Last Minute Note by Margaret Boylan

Hi Everyone,

Just a last Minute note about preparing for & riding in our Gear Up Girl ride which is on this weekend.

We’ve had some wild and wet weather so we are all looking forward to the sunnier weather forecast for the Gear Up Girl bike ride this Sunday – at this stage at least!

The wet weather has kept many of us off our bikes so our preparation for next Sunday will need to take that into account. As many of us riding on the day will not have been out on our bikes we will all need to be mindful about the following:

  1. If your level of fitness is not as good as you planned it to be due to the weather & flu bugs it could be that the route you’ve chosen might no longer be the best option. But happily, you can adjust the distance if you need to, even on the day & as you ride. For example, if it turns out the 55 km Harbour ride is not suited to you on the day you can opt to take the 40km one – the route is much the same for quite a lot of the way.
  2. If your bike & equipment hasn’t been out on the paths & roads for a quite a while & your bike has not had a service for a long time you may still have time to get a Bike Shop to check it out. On the day it will be much more fun (and safer) if you make sure that your tyres are pumped to the PSI that is recommended (check the wall of the tyre as its usually written there) & that the brakes & chain are working very well. Plus please check your tool bag to make sure you have a replacement tube in good condition, tyre levers and a pump or gas canisters and nozzle to pump up your tyre.
  3. If lots of us haven’t been riding much lately we will all need to be even more careful to be predictable in our actions with straight line riding & signals and ride communication. Keeping other riders in mind; remember to stay to the left as you ride, pass other riders on their right & let them know we are coming past. If you must pass on the left instead then it is very important to let the rider ahead know you are there. Point out or call out about any road hazards for those behind.

I would add Ride at a calm pace, especially as we get going initially so that we can accommodate all levels of fitness, skill & confidence as we share the road as a Gear Up Girl Bunch. This will ensure we can maximise everyone’s fun & safety on the day.

Look forward to riding with you next Sunday.

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