Behold the ‘Cycling Vote’ – It’s time to give 239,000 South Australians a voice

As of Friday 9 March…

Labour Party The Labour Party has provided a detailed response to Bike SA’s key issues paper, which can be found as Labor response – Bike SA.  

Greens “The starting point is to revise the State Cycling Strategy (which expired in 2010). This needs to be a collaborative project involving State and Local Government as well as community organisations such as Bicycle SA. The majority of funding will be for infrastructure, but other programs are also important. The proportion of funds spent on on-road versus off-road infrastructure will depend on the Plan, however the Greens strongly maintain that making the whole of the existing road network safe for cycling is the main priority. After all, every house, school, shop and workplace is on the road network and should be able to be safely accessed by bike.” More

Liberal Party If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will develop a world-class tourism cycling trail to support more regional jobs, grow our economy and reinvigorate regional communities. The Great Southern Bike Trail will link Adelaide and Melbourne and feature a series of tourism focused loops for the novice rider, families and more experienced cyclists – the same concept as the Heysen Trail which totals 1,200 km but caters for both serious hikers doing the entire trail and those doing day walks along shorter sections. The Trail will pass through some of SA’s premier tourist offerings such as McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu, the Coorong and the Limestone Coast, continuing via the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. More here

Require SA Public Transport Authority to investigate how to make public transport more customer friendly – including looking at ticketing improvements, quiet carriages, mobile phone charging stations and more bicycle lockers. More here

Dignity Party There was consensus amongst all respondents that…”the Dignity Party will decide which projects to support through consultation with Bike SA, Cycling SA, BISA, DPTI staff and relevant cycling groups.” The Dignity Party agreed with the retention of and increased funding for the Way2Go BikeEd program.

Advance SA Party Advance Party supported the doubling of participation by 2020 with a focus on improved bike lances on major access roads to CBD – $1.5-$2million.


The state election is just around the corner. Here’s what Bicycle SA is doing to make sure cycling is a priority for 2018 election candidates.  It’s that time of year when politicians and eager candidates are starting to make promises. And it’s vitally important we make sure that people who ride bikes have a voice as well. Did you know that each week, nearly 7% of the South Australians (239,000 cyclists) get out on a bicycle. Yet when it comes to funding, less than 0.5% of the transport budget is currently dedicated to appropriate cycling infrastructure and programs. And while we have acknowledged the current Government’s policy aimed at doubling cycling by 2020, the reality over recent years is that participation rates have dropped by 20%. Why? Because insufficient funding has been allocated to appropriate cycling infrastructure, which means the biggest barrier to more people riding – unsafe roads – is not being removed. There are simply too many sections of our arterial and local area bicycle network that increasingly pose a danger to cyclists – lack of separated bicycle infrastructure, bike lanes that suddenly disappear, riders forced to merge with cars and trucks… the list goes on. So in order to get more people cycling, we’ve created 3 major election priorities that we believe will put cycling back on the right track. From a fair share of the transport budget, to in-school bicycle education, here’s what Bicycle SA will be campaigning for in the 2018 election.


1. Infrastructure

Ever been riding your bicycle only to have the bicycle lane disappear on you? There are simply too many sections of our arterial bicycle network that increasingly pose a danger to cyclists. WHAT WE’RE ASKING FOR:

  • $90 million to be allocated to infrastructure (with a focus on arterial routes) and a further $1.5 million dollars per year for the State Bicycle Fund.

2. In-school bicycle education.

South Australian kids need to be taught road safety from an early age. We want to give every South Aussie child the chance to receive 10 hours of in-school bike education through an extension of the current Way2Go BikeEd program expanded. WHAT WE’RE ASKING FOR:

  •  $4.2 million annual budget commitment so every child can receive accredited BikeEd training.

3. Improving Cycling Tourism

Considering we host the southern hemisphere’s largest competitive cycling event, people who come to South Australia often don’t know where to ride for their cycling holiday. WHAT WE’RE ASKING FOR:

  • $550,000 over 4 years for the establishment of an online tourism and marketing platform to service the increasing on-demand needs of the international and domestic cycle tourist.

What we’ve done so far.

We’ve sent a policy document outlining our vision to all the 2018 State Election candidates and have asked them to respond with their election commitments to cycling. Next week, we’ll be announcing their responses (or lack thereof) – and we might just need your help to encourage some of them to respond. Stay tuned as we keep you update on progress.  One thing is for certain this election, we’ll be making sure our voice is heard.

Want to read more?

Have a look over the policy document below which has been sent to all the 2018 election candidates below.    What can I do? Make sure you’re a Bicycle SA Member to help support this campaign. You can also sign up to email alerts below about this advocacy campaign as we progress.

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Fingers crossed one of the political parties cares enough to support these wishes. In particular infrastructure!


this is very nice agenda to cycler which are making some drastic effect on election ,\
so thanks for this posting which makes us Eco-friendly environment every time ,


I couldn’t find anything in these election promises about completing the Amy Gillet bikeway. Has/is BikeSA advocating for this to be completed to Mt Pleasant as originally planned, or even just initially to Birdwood in the near future??


I’m grateful to Bicycle SA for gathering this pre-election information from SAs major political parties.

Whatever the claims made by the Parties, I’d like to point out that according to the National Cycling Participation Survey conducted by the Australian Government Agency Austroads, between 2011 and 2017
‘Victoria and South Australia experienced a statistically significant decrease in cycling participation over the six-year period’ (National Cycling Participation Survey 2017 | page 4).

In addition, data from the National Cycling Strategy (2011-2016) shows that SA has the lowest expenditure per capita on cycling infrastructure at $2.15 a head. This is half the national average of $5.29. By way of comparison, the ACT spends $40.71 per head. (National Cycling Strategy 2011-16 Implementation Report 2016)

The Labor statement to Bicycle SA includes Under our Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan, ‘we plan to double the number of cycling trips in the city by 2020’. No measurements against any baseline data have been provided by the SA Government (or the City of Adelaide) to indicate whether any progress is being made. However, data from the 2016 Census compared with the 2011 Census shows that in Adelaide mode share and raw counts for bus and train journeys to work have declined, so movement to reduce carbon emissions towards neutrality are not evident.

Journeys to work by bicycle in Adelaide are at 1.5% having declined from about 2% in 2006.
It is generally accepted that to get more people cycling in cities, separated infrastructure is a necessity. In cities this infrastructure, when it includes street re-build and greening as well as a separate cycleway construction as is happening in Frome Street, costs between $2 and $4 million a kilometre. The one off $12 million allocated by the SA Government and City Council will build about 3 to 6 kms. $12 million is insufficient for one quality north south and one east west separated cycleway across the City.

Bicycle SAs request for $90 million for cycling infrastructure is sensible and realistic. If SA is to arrest the decline in cycling participation, move towards carbon neutrality and begin to overcome the historical South Australian neglect in building quality separated cycling infrastructure, in order to achieve a widespread modal shift towards cycling, then more than painted disappearing lanes and ad hoc fill in projects are required.


Cyclers sholuld be protected by law, so that this sports can develop well. Children should also be educated.


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