Giving Grand Slam A Go

Written by Hayley Goodenough – Grand Slam Rider

Today I had the opportunity to experience a Grand Slam ride. It was an experience filled with electric energy from a whole heap of people from all walks of life with only the love of cycling in common! I rode with a friend who has just ridden the whole of Tasmania and another who has never ridden more than 10km. I hadn’t been on the bike for over 12 months, but we all felt the same on this glorious Sunday morning. It was a well organised, safe and fun event with the most lovely volunteers adding to the buzz.  The refreshments and lunch were well received (I could tell by all the “mmm” as I passed by groups).  

I came about this ride as generally at this time of year I do a ride that I fundraise for The Smith Family. I relish the opportunity to ride for a cause and especially The Smith Family. It means a lot to know that the funds I raise are going to local families and children. This could even be supporting children that go to school with my children, but are less fortunate. I can’t imagine my kids going to school without breakfast or having a good nights sleep, so I like to think my fundraising is preventing another child suffering from this. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a fundraising ride this year, so I gave the Grand Slam a go.

I look forward to giving another one a go during the year. Thank you Bike SA for an awesome Sunday!

If you would like to join a future Bike SA Grand Slam event. You can find all the details here

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